COLOURED VINYL IDENTIFICATION & INSTRUMENT MARKING TAPES, ADHESIVE (1/8″ & 1/4″): Manufactured in the USA, these top quality narrow-width coloured identification tapes are made from 3M #471 vinyl marking tape. This tape has a smooth, shiny luster that resists abrasion. It is used for colour coding tools, instruments, kosher utensils, identifying climbing gear, lines on maps and whiteboards. These are the best tapes for colour-coding ethernet cables – wind on, pinch off, stays put. Also used for marking utility lines on control panels and for hobbies, etc. They are flexible enough to form flat curves with as little as a 2-inch radius. Good solvent resistance and dishwasher proof. Clean-removing rubber adhesive.

1/2-inch Colored Paper Label Tape (photo below) – This is high quality smooth-surfaced paper labeling tape. Used in laboratories and hospitals for glassware and specimens (lab tape); by libraries for marking books; and in offices for files and folders. Label tape is available in 18 colors in 1/2-in wide x 42-ft long rolls wound on 1″ diameter cores. It is made of smooth-surfaced plasticized paper and is removable and repositionable. Label tape is resistant to water, oils, and acids and can be written on with a pen, pencil, or permanent marker. It has a working temperature range of -10ºF to 250ºF. Fits into a standard scotch tape dispenser.