1" x 60 yd Hurricane Duct Tape


NEW Hurricane Tape

Product Description:
HURRICANE TAPE™ is an ultra strong general purpose polyethylene acrylic adhesive tape that’s composed of woven polyethylene plastic known as warp and weft tapes.

These tapes are arranged in a weave pattern of right angles to promote the tear strength of the tape.

A plastic substrate is laminated to the scrim for increased integrity of the weave.

The adhesive of choice is a water-based acrylic, designed to adhere in any condition particularly in cold and wet temperatures.


* Extremely strong and tear resistant enabling up to 10x less tape used in comparison to other tapes where strength is called for in an application.

* Aggressive acrylic adhesive sticks well to many surfaces but will remove with minimal amount of residue. Versatile for many temporary and permanent applications.

* Conformable and can be applied to irregular surfaces.

* Five colors and available custom ordered colors for color coding or surface matching.

* Will not rot like organic tapes like duct tape and will not develop heath hazard mold from prolonged exposure to moisture.

* Extremely strong and tear resistant enabling up to 10x less tape used in comparison to other tapes where strength is called for in an application.

Packing & Moving: Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane !!!! Economical alternative to comparable strapping tapes that are more expensive
Great for packaging heavy items and over burdened boxes
Excellent as a tape to assist in moving by securing doors of cabinets, exercise equipment, tools and filing cabinets (leaves no residue)
Strapping awkward items together like mattresses and rugs
Securing items for safe moving

Extremely sanitary general purpose tape for hospitals
Resistant to bodily fluids and blood for easy sanitary cleanup

General Repair, All-Purpose, Household:
Handle repairs
Repair broken vacuum hoses
Repair broken sports equipment / toys
Repair torn bags of top soil / fertilizers / dog food
Repair torn comforter bags
Tie tree sapling to guiding posts
Bundle cut palm fronds / branches
Bundle rugs for storage or trash pickup
Bundle used newspaper/magazines together
Bundle scrap pieces of 2x4 lumber or pvc/iron pipes for storage or trash
Privacy film for bathroom windows, garage windows, sheds Arts / crafts / hobby

General use Automobiles / Marine Vehicles:
Secure suitcases / bags / ice-chests for transport on top of a vehicle, a boat or in the back of a pickup truck
Secure magnetic skins onto car body
Secure temporary banners / sponsor tags onto car or boat
Hold cracked windows / tail lights together
Temporary repair broken side-view mirrors, horns, antennas, lights
Temporary hold fallen bumpers or jet ski body panels together
Tape skis together for easy transport
Repair frayed ropes, hoses
Secure open trunk around bulky items during transport
Secure heavy items together during transport
Emergency tow strap (multi-layers, or twist into rope)
Shipping or transporting heavy accessories such as wheels, 3rd row seats, roof rails, and tow hooks
Re-enforce trash bags to transport water or gasoline (emergency use)

Securing bulky/heavy items such as catering equipment, stacked chairs, or extra table leafs
Securing lumber, pipes, ladders, scrap steel
Securing open or broken suitcases in airports, bus, train and ferry terminals
Packaging storage bins, drums, boxes
Securing items to pallets for transport & storage
Securing rolling items to racks & shelves
Labelling, identifying machinery parts (leaves no residue on metal & glass)
Courier / Shipping / Moving firms

Other uses:

Bookbinding tape
Humane restraint system (virtually unbreakable bond, yet easy peel-off)
Securing casts or bandages together (strong, water-proof, leaves no residue), especially for animals in farms or zoos
Looting deterant
Schools / Hospitals / Churches / Warehouses / Hotels / Offices all-purpose
Professional sports (NHL, NASCAR) all-purpose
Police / Fire / Medical all-purpose
Military / SWAT / FBI / CIA / Government all-purpose
Emergency / FEMA / Homeland Security all-purpose
All information is directly quoted from http://www.bunkerinc.com the makers of Hurricane tapes

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